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6 Questions You Need To Ask Your Flooring Installer

Finding engineered hardwood in Toronto that perfectly fits your space’s overall interior design is certainly a reason to celebrate. However, it is important to remember that your flooring project doesn’t end there.

It’s important to remember that the process for getting new flooring doesn’t stop at finding excellent quality flooring materials. Engineered wood flooring needs to be professionally installed by a certified engineered hardwood flooring installer in order to ensure that your new flooring will last for years to come. When qualifying potential flooring installers, you’ll need to receive plenty of information to hiring them in order to ensure that they’re the right fit. Taking the extra time to ask more specific questions can really help you find the right team for the job.

a professional flooring installer installing hardwood flooring

Get All The Facts Before Choosing A Flooring Installer

Engineered hardwood in Toronto’s European Flooring Group’s showroom comes in such a wide variety of tones, finishes, and textures. As such, be sure you’re choosing a flooring installer that has experience installing your type of flooring, especially if you’ve selected to have hardwood installed in any type of pattern. In order to help you choose the best people for the job, be sure to ask potential flooring installers these six questions.

licensed flooring installers hard at work

1. Are your installers licensed and insured to do this kind of work?

The answer to this question will tell you all you need to know when it comes to trustworthiness and business ethics. Accidents and major mistakes are rare, but they do happen. As such, it’s critical to ensure you will be covered and protected.

2. Are your installers NWFA certified?

NWFA stands for the National Wood Flooring Association. Flooring installers who are NWFA Certified are recognized in the industry as being the best in the business.

3. What kind of warranty do they offer for their work?

Your new flooring is a big investment. Choose an installer who will back up their work.

4. How will dust be contained, and clean-up be handled?

How will the rest of the items in your home be protected? It might seem obvious to you that an installer would clean up after installation, but that’s not always the case. Make sure they know that a thorough clean-up is expected.

5. Will they take the time for proper acclimation?

Acclimation is an important step when installing engineered wood flooring and will help reduce gapping, avoid buckling or other permanent damage. Get a confirmation that this important step will not be skipped.

6. What is the payment schedule?

A flooring installer should not request full payment before all the work has been completed. Typically, flooring installers will require a deposit on the first day and the rest upon project completion.

Have Your Engineered Hardwood In Toronto Installed By European Flooring

At European Flooring, we offer certified flooring installation services which include a warranty, in addition to the product’s Lifetime Structural warranty offered by the manufacturer. For further peace of mind, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s backed by our highly experienced team, who have the knowledge and skills to make sure your new engineered wood flooring is installed properly. Book a consultation with our installation specialists to find out more about our complete range of installation services.

About European Flooring

Founded by Mehran Khayeri, European Flooring is a Canadian based dealer of Custom hardwood, Luxury Engineered Flooring. As one of the first dealers for Khayeri Flooring in North America, their Designer Showroom in Toronto features high-end, innovative multi-layered and Wide Plank Engineered Flooring by Khayeri Curated Flooring TM. Over the past 17 years, they have partnered with world-class architectural/designer studios and builders in North America. Their engineered hardwood flooring draws inspiration from luxurious European destinations around the world such as Versailles, Scandinavia, and Copenhagen. European Flooring Group features a wide variety of tones, finishes, and styles of luxury wide plank engineered flooring.
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