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A 100 Year Old Trick

a-100-year-old-trickNatural oil finishes have been used to finish wood for hundreds of years yet varnishes have dominated the hardwood flooring industry only in recent decades.

Oil is a remarkable finish that offers excellent durability and renewability with a unique finish. It will never crack, blister or flake off. Instead of forming a plastic film, like synthetic varnishes do, oil has open pores that “breathe.”

Applying a natural oil finish to a hardwood floor will emit zero VOCs and leave you without that harsh chemical scent. Oil is not a surface coating. The product is designed to become part of the wood by penetrating, bonding and hardening with the first layer of wood. Nourishing wood with natural oils supports the notion that you are living with your wood and in turn, the wood responds to the appropriate care that’s given.

Spot repairs are easy! There’s no need to strip the whole floor or even to remove old oil. For minor repairs, you can just apply oil to the damaged area and simply witness as the wood heals. As natural oils enhance the durable nature of wood, applying the maintenance oil to your floor periodically will rejuvenate it and always have the finish looking naturally radiant. Over time, reparability is more important than durability.