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Add Style To Your Floor With Chevron Hardwood Flooring

Parquet flooring, wood flooring arranged into geometric patterns, has come back into vogue. One of the most stylish and timeless options is chevron hardwood flooring. For this style, the planks are laid out diagonally, but instead of being woven together, they have a straight “V” shaped pattern. This style adds a sense of movement, spaciousness, and visual interest into your space.

Parquet flooringA Sense Of Flow
While chevron hardwood flooring works well everywhere, it will stand out in a few key spaces.
For example, entryways and hallways are prime locations for chevron flooring. Its “V” pattern creates subtle arrows that feel dynamic and fresh. When laid out in the right direction, this pattern creates a sense of flow and makes a lasting impression on your guests.

chevron hardwood flooring

The movement created by chevron flooring is great for minimalist spaces, which rely on floors and walls to create visual interest. Chevron flooring makes for a bold look, without being as intricate as other parquet flooring styles, like Chateau, which could overwhelm a smaller space.

Long And Lovely Spaces
Chevron flooring’s “V” shape has another advantage. By leading your eye down the room, it makes the room feel longer and more spacious. Laying the planks diagonally creates the appearance of long lines, making chevron among the best parquet flooring styles for making rooms look larger.

The luxurious feel of chevron hardwood floors works perfectly in modern, Parisan-inspired interior decorating styles. Chevron flooring fits right in with the style’s emphasis on natural materials and intriguing shapes.

A Variety of Style Options
Chevron flooring’s versatility and character make it a good option for various spaces. Whether your style is traditional or trendy, you can achieve the look you want with chevron flooring. The style and look of your chevron flooring is determined by your choice of colour, finish, width, and length of the plank. You can also alter the movement of the design by changing the direction of the pattern to flow diagonally, horizontally, or any direction you desire.

Find the Highest Quality Parquet Flooring At European Flooring

Whatever your interior design goals may be, European Flooring is committed to ensuring that your flooring perfectly complements the rest of your space. If you’re considering installing chevron hardwood flooring in your space, our flooring experts will help you select the best style, finish, and colour of engineered hardwood to create the look you’re envisioning. Contact us for more information and to visit our Toronto showroom.