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Custom Matching Accessories For Your Hardwood Flooring Project: A Design Perspective

Although European Flooring Group is an engineered hardwood flooring retailer, we always keep the overall aesthetic of your project in mind. It is a known design principal that your hardwood flooring choice sets the foundation of your project’s design palette and that great design is built from the ground up. That’s why we believe it’s important for us to offer a wide range of customization options – not only for hardwood flooring, but also for flooring accessories.

Our Custom Flooring Accessories line is fabricated out of the exact same engineered flooring product and lot that you’ve selected for your project. That way it’s a 100% match that fits seamlessly into your overall design.

Our Custom Flooring Accessories include:

  • Custom matching flush-mount vents and oversize air returns.
  • Various profiles of stair nosings with premium upgrade options.
  • Transition pieces such as T-molds and reducers.

Custom Matching Accessories

Custom Matching Flush-Mount Vents & Oversize Air Returns

Flush-Mount Vents & Oversize Air Returns

Our custom matching vents are flush-mount and fit straight into your flooring. This contributes to the overall visual flow of your engineered flooring and prevents the vents from standing out in your space. Although metal vents may be more cost-effective, they can take away from the beauty of your new engineered hardwood flooring. That is why interior designers always request that custom matching flush-mount vents are supplied for their projects – its an investment worth making.

Custom Matching Stair Nosings

Custom Matching Stair Nosings

We custom fabricate our matching stair nosing’s in-house, according to our client’s overall vision for their stairs. Stairs have now evolved into one of the main features in a space and interior designers are continuously trying to push boundaries by getting creative with the aesthetics of their project’s stairs. From the railings, to the stringers and stair nosing’s – every component plays a part in the look and feel of your stairs.

At European Flooring, we offer a variety of different stair nosing profiles with premium upgrade options. We are also able to execute a flawless custom stair installation service process with our in-house Certified Installation Team. That’s why when it comes to an A to Z flooring project, European Flooring Group is your one stop shop to achieving the stairs and flooring of your dreams.

Custom Matching T-Molds & Transitions

Custom Matching T-Molds & Transitions

Custom matching transition pieces, such as T-molds and reducers, allow for your engineered hardwood flooring to feather smoothly to tile and carpets. This used to be executed using aluminum, copper, and metal strips, which causes a visual break and separates the flooring from other finishes, rather than tying them together. Transition pieces are also used to connect the flooring to finishes where there is a slight level difference. Since the accessories are custom fabricated per order, we are able to accommodate your project’s unique requirements.

European Flooring: Luxury Engineered Hardwood Flooring In Toronto & The GTA

European Flooring is a premium retailer of high-quality engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto and the surrounding regions. Explore our wide range of luxury engineered flooring by visiting our beautiful Toronto showroom. For more information about our Custom Fabricated Flooring Accessories, contact us to speak to one of our flooring experts and arrange a personalized Design Consultation.