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Engineered Wood Flooring Adds Strength And Beauty To Your Home

When home owners make the decision to complete renovations or upgrades, one of the first questions that often comes to mind is “What options will add value to my home?” When choosing flooring, there are many options that will add value and can be considered long-term investments in a property. Hardwood flooring is not only beautiful and timeless, it can also bring great value to the overall worth of your home. In addition to its natural beauty, hardwood flooring, particularly engineered wood flooring, provides a natural durability and strength that will hold up for years to come.

Matte Hardwood Floors

If you are currently weighing high-end flooring options, it is certainly worth considering engineered wood flooring. When it comes to finding the right floor for your space, you may be surprised by all the design and finish options engineered wood flooring has to offer.

The Beauty Of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to creating a beautiful space, the flooring you chose can completely change the style and overall look. When you choose to work with engineered wood flooring, you will have your choice of colour, finish and design.

Width: Choose from narrow to wide plank flooring options.

Texture: From matte hardwood floors to flooring finished using a wire brush, modern engineered hardwood texture options means that you can add dimension to any space making it feel casual, luxurious, or elegant.

Colour: Grey and mid-tone colouring options are increasingly popular. However, engineered hardwood comes in dozens of different shades, which means you can find the one that speaks to you.

Design: Engineered wood flooring looks beautiful when installed in a traditional way, but it also can work perfectly for more distinctive patterns like parquet, chevron or herringbone floor patterns.

There are plenty of opportunities that exist when choosing engineered hardwood for your space. The beauty of this resilient, natural, and eco-friendly product will elevate any design and style you may have in mind.

The Strength Of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Toronto Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood floors can actually last much longer than other flooring options, as they have the ability to withstand heat and high traffic. This is a distinctive feature of engineered hardwood that sets it apart from other forms of hardwood flooring. Due to its structural composition, engineered flooring is also very durable against scratches and wear and tear. However, it is worth noting that this also comes down to the type of finish you choose, as well as the wood type. Matte hardwood floors tend to show less than those finished with a polished look.

In addition, maintaining and cleaning engineered hardwood is relatively easy. As long as you take care of your floors and do what you can to avoid damage, the strength of the wood will ensure that your floors continue to look both impressive and welcoming for a very long time.

Where To Find Toronto Hardwood Flooring

European Flooring provides high-quality engineered hardwood flooring for both residential and commercial spaces. Our clients value the knowledge and expertise shared by our team, as well as the ability to browse a large selections of flooring surfaces and finishes when they visit our designer showroom. If you are looking to bring the beauty and strength of engineered hardwood into your space, let us help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us to schedule your professional consultation with our flooring experts at our showroom.