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Five Reasons to Install Wide Plank Flooring

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the right hardwood flooring for your space, including wood species, colour, finish, plank size, and pattern. Wide plank flooring is characterized by planks that are wider than about three inches, and is an increasingly popular hardwood choice amongst homeowners. If you haven’t decided what hardwood is right for your space, here are five reasons you should consider installing wide plank hardwood flooring.

wide plank flooring


Large Selection: Wide plank flooring is available in a variety of wood styles, and can be stained and finished to suit your décor and style. This means that selecting wide plank flooring will not limit your design plans by constraining you to a certain type of wood or appearance.

Practical: Wide plank hardwood flooring is available as engineered hardwood, which offers several important benefits. Engineered hardwood flooring is just as attractive as solid hardwood, but is less costly, more durable, and more structurally stable These features allow you to install wide plank, engineered hardwood in high-traffic areas, such as kitchens, living rooms, and entrance hallways. Engineered hardwood has excellent longevity when properly cared for.

Space: Hardwood flooring always enhances the ambiance of a room by adding a luxurious appeal. Wide plank hardwood flooring has the additional benefit of making a room look larger and more expansive by reducing the number of creases in the floor created by the planks. Wide planks are an excellent choice for smaller rooms to create the feeling of a more open space.

Attractive: Regardless of the species or colour you choose, hardwood flooring is an excellent choice to enhance the attractiveness of your space. What’s more, the larger size of wide plank flooring shows off the wood’s natural beauty and character, such as the grain texture, knots, grain, and colour variation.

Find High-Quality Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring at European Flooring

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