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How To Avoid Damage To Your Hardwood Flooring

New hardwood floors can completely revitalize and renew a space. Once your new floors have been installed, it can be tempting to just enjoy them and not think about how to ensure that they will look good for decades to come. You spent a lot of time and money on the right hardwood flooring for your Toronto home or office, so it is worth it to take preventative measures to limit scratches and other damage.

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Habits That Harm Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors will change over time, but you can be confident that engineered hardwood flooring is a solid choice for all kinds of spaces. However, there are a few habits that can cause substantial and permanent damage to your hardwood floors that you might not be aware of. By keeping the information below in mind, you will be able to keep your floors looking elegant and smooth for years to come.

1. Using too much water.

Washing your hardwood floors too often or with too much water can be very damaging. Using a wet-mop is not recommended. Too much moisture will cause your floors to swell or crown and can also cause warping and discoloration. In addition to water on the floor from cleaning, wet shoes, water from dog bowls, and watering floor plants can also contribute to too much moisture on the floor. To avoid water damage, make sure you and your guests are wiping off wet shoes and storing them off the floor and using rugs under plants and dog bowls.


2. Using harsh cleaning products.

Verona Floors Oiled Wood Floor CleanerStrong chemicals are not really necessary, nor recommended, for cleaning your engineered hardwood floors. If your floor has a coat of sealant or lacquer, you should use different cleaning products than if it is unfinished. Hardwood floors should be swept with a broom or dry mop (a steam mop can add too much moisture). If you use liquid floor cleaner, apply it to the mop or cloth instead of pouring it directly onto the floor. You can always check with a hardwood flooring expert to see what type of cleaning products they recommend. It is advised to use an oiled wood floor cleaner for a periodic thorough cleaning. Dilute and apply the cleaner with a well-wringed cloth or flat head mop for damp washing only. You should not wet mop the floor since excess water could have a negative result with any wood flooring.

3. Not using mats and pads.

Furniture and rugs will naturally slide across hardwood floors as you go about your daily life. Unfortunately, these everyday movements can scratch and gouge the surface of your flooring. Every piece of furniture that is placed on your hardwood floors should have pads under each leg and rugs should have rug pads put underneath.

4. Avoidable wear and tear.

Your home and your floors are meant to be enjoyed! But being mindful of daily wear and tear can really help protect your floors from damage. Consider using rugs in high traffic areas such as hallways and entranceways as well as areas where children play on the floor. Keep your pet’s nails trimmed. And this may seem obvious, but take care when moving furniture around the room – no dragging things across the floor!

Luxury hardwood flooring is a wonderful foundation that can add an impressive design quality to just about any functional space. If you are looking to add hardwood flooring to your space, we invite you to visit European Flooring’s Toronto showroom. We offer a wide range of woods in different product widths and surface finishes and know that we can help you find the right product for your home or office.