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The Importance of Mindfulness in your Selection Process

Practicing mindfulness when making decisions in every aspect of our lives can go a long way, not only in the present moment but for years to come. In this day and age there is a growing concern for wellness of our planet and the effect we are having on the environment. It is our collective responsibility to take into account the long-term effects our choices and actions will have long after they are made. That is why at European Flooring Group we make it priority to educate our clients on the benefits of choosing ethically sourced hardwood flooring for their projects. That way we can encourage our clients to continue to make mindful decisions when selecting other design and development elements for their space.

French White Oak Flooring
French White Oak Flooring that is FSC and NWFA Certified. Ethically sourced hardwood flooring with an environmental background.

How can I make informed decisions when selecting hardwood flooring?

For first time flooring buyers it can be a challenge to decide on where to begin your purchasing process. With so many options in vendors, styles, wood species, finishes, and places of origin – the possibilities are endless! That may overwhelm most people, especially if they are unsure of what it is exactly that they’re in search of.

We’ve put together a few points below to help you make an informed and ethical decision when purchasing your flooring:


The Environmental Benefits of Choosing Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring uses precious hardwood solely for the surface layer of the planks. In order to be environmentally-friendly, the support layer is made using a quicker growth wood – like Baltic Birch or Nordic Pine – or high-density fiberboard for optimal structural stability. This method of construction allows the usage of precious wood material, while minimizing the ecological footprint.

Did you know – using valuable wood for only the top layer allows engineered wood covers up to five times the area of solid wood?


Important Certifications to Look for when Purchasing Hardwood Flooring

Deforestation represents one of the largest issues in global land use. It is also the leading threat to many species’ survival all over the world. Thankfully there are organizations that dedicated enforcing sustainability and ethical sourcing of wood from forestry. Councils such as; PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) and/or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) aim to protect for forests to reduce the impact of mass consumption. These organizations enforce replanting trees and prevents the harvesting of trees prior to reaching maturity.

When selecting hardwood flooring products it is important to learn more on their certifications to ensure that they’re ethically sourced. Be sure to ask your flooring dealers if their products are PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) and/or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.


Finishes Used in the Manufacturing of your Hardwood Flooring

Sustainability covers many categories, including protecting the air we breathe. These finishes are completely VOC-free. Meaning “Volatile Organic Compounds”, a VOC-free finish means that the hardwood floor does not produce any solvents and other compounds that evaporate into the air and contribute to the formation of an unclean and unhealthy environment. Toxic finishes used in manufacturing products can have a negative effect on not only your health, but also everyone that enters the space.

That is why Khayeri Flooring is dedicated to offering many sophisticated wood finishes including natural oils, pigmented oils, and aluminum oxide finishes, among others. All elements that go into manufacturing Khayeri Flooring products are natural and biodegradable. From the first stages of production through to the completion of installation into your space, it is important to take into account the natural resources and the environment.


Shipping of Finished Products

Another important factor to consider when purchasing your hardwood flooring products is the shipping process. Ensuring the lowest possible carbon footprint when importing internationally is an  factor that often gets overlooked by most. Rail and maritime shipping are known to be the least impactful on the environment.


Our Commitment to the Enviroment

At European Flooring Group we specialize in offering Khayeri Curated Flooring products. The Khayeri Flooring brand is committed to enforcing all the factors listed above in order to ensure meeting our collective commitment to protecting our planet. Learn more about how Khayeri Flooring makes it a priority to ensure ethical sourcing of engineered flooring by visiting this link.

Now that you’re better informed on how to make a mindful decision when selecting your flooring, we hope that you apply this information as you continue to design your space.

About European Flooring

Founded by Mehran Khayeri, European Flooring is a Canadian based dealer of Custom hardwood, Luxury Engineered Flooring. As one of the first dealers for Khayeri Flooring in North America, their Designer Showroom in Toronto features high-end, innovative multi-layered and Wide Plank Engineered Flooring by Khayeri Curated Flooring TM. Over the past 17 years, they have partnered with world-class architectural/designer studios and builders in North America. Their engineered hardwood flooring draws inspiration from luxurious European destinations around the world such as Versailles, Scandinavia, and Copenhagen. European Flooring Group features a wide variety of tones, finishes, and styles of luxury wide plank engineered flooring.

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