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Why You Need A Certified On-Site Inspection Before Beginning Your Flooring Project

European Flooring is a full-service flooring company that is dedicated to walking our clients through the complete process of selecting and installing beautiful engineered hardwood in Toronto. We bring our clients’ vision to life by helping them select and professionally install the most suitable hardwood flooring for their space, both aesthetically and practically. From wide plank flooring, to white oak flooring, to herringbone flooring and more, we offer a wide range of hardwood flooring options to complement every space.

Clients who visit European Flooring can benefit from our comprehensive services, including exploring our showroom and luxury flooring options, and discussing your needs and specifications with one of our flooring experts. Once a client has explored our flooring options and selected their favourite, we will setup an informative Design Consultation to evaluate how their chosen flooring product fits their overall project and lifestyle. Then, we undertake our standard process of conducting a Certified On-Site Inspection to gather details on what the installation project will entail.

Certified On-Site Inspection

Undergoing a Certified On-Site Inspection is an important step in our standard service process. During this stage, we gather all the project details to determine the exact job requirements. This is not only key to establish an accurate quote, but to also help our clients create a realistic budget for their project. This will drastically decrease the chance of a price increase due to discovering additional products or services required during the installation process. In turn, clients will be more prepared before their installation project begins, as they’ll know what to expect.

The Certified On-Site Inspection process includes the following:

  • Laser measurement of area.
  • Evaluate subfloor leveling.
  • Measure relative humidity, moisture readings, and temperatures.
  • Evaluate transitions between new and existing flooring.
  • Determine quantity of vents and air returns in the home.
  • Look for small details that may pose an issue for quality flooring installation.
  • Answer any technical questions that the homeowner may have.

Flooring Inspection

European Flooring: Discover Our Range Of Luxury Engineered Hardwood In Toronto

If you’re looking for engineered hardwood in Toronto, visit European Flooring’s designer showroom and speak with one of our flooring experts. We offer a wide selection of beautiful, luxury engineered hardwood flooring to suit every space and style, including wide plank flooring, white oak flooring, and herringbone, chevron, and parquet flooring. Learn more about our exclusive engineered hardwood collections and contact us to book a personalized design consultation.