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Not Sure If Engineered Hardwood Flooring Is Right For You? Consider These Benefits

Your flooring is the foundation of your home, and hardwood flooring is a worthwhile investment that can increase the value and beauty of your space. If you’re considering installing engineered hardwood flooring, consider these eight reasons why engineered flooring is the ideal choice to complement your home:

A Range Of Options

Engineered hardwood flooring is produced by using a core of hardwood, plywood, or high-density fiber. Then a top layer is created by gluing hardwood veneer to the top surface. Since engineered wood flooring comes in almost any hardwood species, consumers have a wide range of wood options to consider.

Wood Options

A Variety Of Wood Species & Finishes

The top layer will be your desired wood. For the best results, when you choose engineered flooring with a top layer between two and six millimeters in thickness, you want a high-quality engineered hardwood flooring with a thicker top layer that allows you to refinish the wood. Our engineered flooring can be stained and finished in whatever style you prefer. Matte hardwood floors and rustic flooring that highlights the wood’s natural knots are both popular options.

Sustainable Construction

Our engineered wood flooring uses older-growth, precious hardwood for the surface layer, and use a newer-growth wood for the support layer to ensure structural stability. Using the valuable wood for only the top layer means engineered wood covers five times the surface area of solid wood.

surface area of solid wood

Structurally Stable

Engineered wood flooring offers optimal structural stability, and resistance to moisture and climate change. European Flooring’s collections are carefully engineered and produced for the North American climate, making them among the most dimensionally and structurally stable wood floors on the market.

Resistant To Shrinking & Expanding

Engineered hardwood flooring doesn’t shrink or expand much as solid hardwood, which makes it resistant to warping and cupping. For that reason, it’s considered very strong and stable. Their ability to remain stable and flexible allows them to be installed on top of concrete/radiant floor heating.

Easy Installation

Engineered flooring allows for an easier and faster installation process, since fewer planks are required to floor the area.

Wide Planks

Our engineered wood flooring allows you to take advantage of the latest flooring trends, such as wide plank flooring. The ability to get wider planks also means fewer joints across your floor.

Engineered Wood

A Variety Of Patterns

Engineered wood works perfectly for more distinctive custom styles and patterns, like Versailles, chevron, or herringbone floor patterns.

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