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Protect Yourself and Your Floors

protect-yourself-and-your-floorsAlthough spring may be around the corner, winter is not over yet.  Just how we protect ourselves appropriately from the dry and harsh weather, we should do the same for our hardwood floors.

As we turn up the heat in our homes this season, the air becomes too dry if not balanced with humidification. When the air is too dry it can present health issues for people. Similarly, wood is also negatively affected by very dry conditions. Although your engineered hardwood floors handle the stress of variability in humidity well, hardwood is still a natural substance and adapts to its surrounding environment. When relative humidity is very low, wood gives off moisture, which causes contraction and gapping in the floor. It is essential that you maintain a constant humidity level between 35% and 55%. If necessary, purchase a humidifier to do so and ensure that it is working properly to achieve the target range.

By maintaining a proper humidity level you will create an environment that is healthy for you and helps the performance and appearance of your floor.