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How The Right Type Of Engineered Flooring Can Create A More Spacious Appearance

Light Vs. Dark Colours

Your choice of flooring colour can make a sizeable impact on the look and feel of your space. Lighter coloured flooring can create an airy, open feel that brightens up any room. Trendy options include white oak flooring stained in neutral tones, such as light grey, warm blonde tones, and cool-toned light brown.

Right Type Of Engineered Flooring

However, darker coloured flooring isn’t necessarily off-limits if you want to make your space appear larger. Rich, dark flooring tones can visually expand a room when paired with lighter shades for the walls. For example, dark espresso-hued hardwood flooring, when accented with light grey or cool-toned beige walls, can create a cozy, inviting ambiance without making the room feel closed-in.

Choose Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Wide plank hardwood flooring also creates a seamless effect, as larger planks with squared edges mean no bevels in the flooring, which gives a minimalistic, seamless, and continuous look. This also allows the floor to appear less ‘busy’ and more open.

Stylish Engineered Flooring

Parallel Or Diagonal Installation

Installing hardwood planks parallel to the longest wall in the room will create the appearance of spaciousness by drawing the eye towards the wall and making it a key focal point. Planks can also be installed diagonally to trick the eyes into believing that the room is larger. For very small spaces, it’s usually best to avoid intricate flooring designs that be visually overwhelming. At European Flooring, our certified flooring installers are specially trained to install our engineered flooring in every type of room, and can install planks in a variety of patterns to suit any style.

European Flooring: Toronto’s Source For Wide Plank & White Oak Engineered Flooring

At European Flooring, our flooring experts will take the time to help you select the best style, finish, and colour of wood engineered wood flooring for your space and style. Our comprehensive flooring collections feature a wide variety of hardwood options to suit every preference. Visit our Toronto showroom to explore our flooring products or contact us to schedule a design consultation.