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The Renaissance of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring’s extensive history was largely forgotten when modern hardwood floor trends moved towards large planks of wood. Parquet flooring uses block patterns, rather than solid wood planks, which allows you to create eye-catching patterns and texture on your floor. This type of hardwood flooring first gained popularity in 17th Century France, where it could be found in the homes of aristocrats as a symbol of their wealth and style. Soon, France’s love of parquet flooring spread throughout Europe. But after several decades of declining popularity, parquet flooring is experiencing a 21st Century renaissance as homeowners look for cost-effective and unique flooring solutions. New styles of parquet flooring include more modern patterns to appeal to contemporary homeowners, and classic styles are still available to suit more traditional tastes.

Parquet Flooring Toronto

Traditional Patterns
Traditional parquet patterns include:

  • Herringbone
  • Chevron
  • Versailles
  • Castel
  • Variance
  • Kruis
  • Empire
  • Chateau
  • Chantilly

Contemporary Patterns

Contemporary designers have taken inspiration from traditional parquet flooring patterns and updated them to look more modern and fresh. For instance, they may use a different species, colour, or style of wood, make the size of the pattern larger to create a grander effect, or apply different stains and finishes. The final result can make your flooring an amazing statement piece in your home.

Modern Parqut

Artistic Parquet

Artistic parquet refers the large selection of beautiful wood inlays, borders, and medallions that can be added to your hardwood flooring. It can also include curved or floral-inspired parquet designs created by skilled artisans. These unique patterns allow you to showcase your creativity and style through parquet’s intricate designs. Artistic parquet patterns can be large and eye-catching, or more subtle, such as a medallion as a focal point or a simple inlaid border. The wonderful effect of artistic parquet flooring is that it allows you to personalize your hardwood flooring to suit your individual style. You can make your flooring a design element in your room, rather than just a functional addition.

Modern Parquet

Parquet flooring has been updated by modern designers using new patterns, mixed media, and different colours to create a trendy, chic effect. Modern hardwood floor parquet patterns include beautiful, new shapes that draw inspiration from waves, ornamental design, arabesque tiles, and jigsaw puzzles. Some creative designers are also mixing wood tiles with ceramic, using different wood colours to create colour blocks and gradients, and painting them with unique patterns.

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