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The Rich History of Herringbone Wood Floors

You may have noticed that more and more design spaces are using patterns like herringbone wood floor and parquet flooring to add dimension and style. This trend has become much more popular in recent years, with Toronto hardwood flooring companies installing more and more floors in these unique patterns. But what is the history behind these patterned floors and what continues to make them popular centuries after they were first used?

Herringbone Wood Floor

You can easily recognize herringbone wood floors by the way the wood pieces are cut. Each wood plank is cut in perfect rectangles and then staggered, so that the end of one plank meets the side of another. The result looks like a broken zig zag. While the pattern was used in interiors from Roman times through the Middle Ages, it was only in the 16th century that the design was replicated using wooden floors. Once herringbone wood floor started being used in castles and homes of the wealthy around Europe, it didn’t take long for it to gain in popularity worldwide.

How To Incorporate Herringbone Wood Floors Into Your Home Today

While carpet flooring was popular after WWII and remained so until the 1990’s, wood flooring is today’s top choice, with a preference towards a more natural look, specifically in recent years. The result? Herringbone and chevron patterns are once again a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary schemes.

parquet flooring

If you are interested in including herringbone wood floor in your space, here’s what you need to know:

  • Patterned floors were originally only used in large spaces, but they can also be a unique way to add depth to a smaller area.
  • You can choose the angle of the blocks, as well as the width. A wide herringbone pattern can add impact to contemporary spaces, while skinny herringbone blocks work in urban, industrial, and shabby chic spaces.
  • Mixing colours is also an option. From subtle combinations of light shades to eye popping mixes of bright colours, there is plenty of opportunity to infuse your own personal style preferences.

Why Choose Herringbone Wood Floors?

Still not sure as to whether herringbone wood floors are right for you? Here are four benefits to choosing this type of flooring pattern.

  1. The end result gives a unique and luxurious look to your space.
  2. The herringbone pattern will give your floors the appearance of movement, which helps make the room feel more spacious.
  3. The herringbone pattern makes hardwood floors very strong, since the pattern absorbs high compression and provides structural stability.
  4. Wood floors designed with this pattern offer versatility. Depending on the room’s design, they can be either subtle or commanding.

Toronto Hardwood Flooring Patterns

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