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What can a Hardwood Floor do for the Planet?

what-can-a-hardwood-floor-do-for-the-planetMan and wood have always had a special relationship, and today more then ever this relationship is reaching for the future.

Wood is fundamental for its ability to absorbing and retaining carbon dioxide. If we unite this natural characteristic with the low amount of emissions required to process and transform the wood itself, with respect to other building materials used in construction, it’s even easier to understand why wood has the leading role in the fight against climate change.

If the wood in question is a L’Amour France/European Flooring hardwood floor, then the planet will thank you twice. 

Its chain of guardianship certification, together with its origins in forests managed in a sustainable manner, allows the planet’s forests to grow and amplifies the environmentally beneficial effects of the wood. Every tree is cut at the peak of its life cycle and is substituted by a sapling which, while growing, will absorb more carbon dioxide than its older predecessor.

L’Amour France/European Flooring hardwood floors even works in favor of the environment after having been installed in the home. They improve thermal efficiency, balance environmental humidity, inhibit the accumulation of electrostatic charges and, since its adhesives and varnishes are totally free of toxic solvents and emissions, create natural conditions for a healthy living.