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What To Consider Before Installing White Oak Hardwood Flooring

When you are building or renovating your dream home, you want to select finishes that showcase design, functionality, and style. That being said, it is no surprise that white oak hardwood flooring remains one of the top flooring choices when it comes to luxury homes. White oak flooring offers exceptional quality and offers a high end look that home owners love.

As with any product choice, it is always worthwhile to look at all the characteristics of an item and then decide if it is the right option for your project. Although there are two main types of oak floors, white oak and red oak, white oak hardwood flooring tends to be the more common choice.

Top Three Reasons Why White Oak Flooring May Be Right For You

Let’s explore more of the details about why white oak hardwood flooring is currently a top trend for luxury homes and if it’s the right flooring for you.

  1. Plenty of shade options
    White oak hardwood is better for gray, white, and dark stain colours. Gray and white wash stains are popular stain choices and they’re exceptionally beautiful on white oak. Gray stains also work well with the more subtle graining in white oak. If you prefer the look of dark stain, white oak is also ideal for getting a very dark and dramatic look.

hardwood flooring

  1. Durability
    White oak’s hardness makes it a bit more resilient to denting. White oak flooring also has a more uniformed and subtle look because it is a closed grain wood. For home owners who frequently entertain, white oak is an excellent choice for flooring that can stand up to high traffic. White oak is also a smart choice for kitchens, and entry areas which are more exposed to traffic.
  2. Modern And Contemporary
    White oak has less graining than other woods, which makes it feel more modern and less traditional. Overall, the graining in the wood is smoother and has a more uniform flow.  Wide plank flooring, which is a very popular look, also looks very polished and picks up the natural beauty of the wood when done with white oak.

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