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Why Fall is the Best Time to Update Your Commercial Flooring

When the weather starts to transition from warm summer days to cooler fall air, many businesses shift into thinking about renovations and upgrades that can be completed before year end. The fall season is a great time to renovate your commercial space, and choosing to upgrade to modern hardwood floors will give your business a fresh new look customers will remember.

In addition to wanting renovations to be completed before the busy holiday season, there are also other reasons why installing new modern hardwood floors in the fall season is the most favourable time of year. To help get your flooring upgrade underway, visit the European Flooring designer showroom in Toronto, where you can see and feel our hundreds of surfaces and finish treatments available. Our unique showroom makes it easier for clients to choose the right engineered hardwood flooring for their commercial space.

Modern Hardwood Floor

Fall Factors That Affect Harwood Floor Installations

You can look to current trends for modern hardwood flooring to get inspiration for your new floors.  Popular options include wide plank flooring, white oak hardwood flooring and matte hardwood floors. Once you’ve selected the right flooring for your business, having them installed in the fall climate means your project will benefit from the following:

Ideal Humidity Levels

It can be tricky to install engineered hardwood flooring in winter or summer. The extreme hot and cold temperatures can shrink and expand the flooring, and you often need a humidifier to stabilize the temperature in your space. The Toronto fall weather provides a much more neutral humidity level which results in a faster installation and a reduced risk of problems.

Fresh Air and Ventilation

When new flooring is being installed, the doors of your business will need to be kept open as materials and debris will be frequently carried in and out. Keeping the doors open during the fall weather means that your employees and customers shouldn’t be overly affected by either too hot or too cold temperatures. The temperatures in the fall tend to be mild and balanced, compared to winter and summer, so you won’t have to over compensate with extra heat or air conditioning.

Another bonus that comes from being able to keep the doors open is that the space can be easily ventilated during the installation process, which typically includes dust, odours, and fumes from floor adhesives.

Comfortable Temperature

Toronto fall weather is also ideal as the typical temperature provides a comfortable setting for those completing the floor installation. Being able to work longer days means that your project can get completed that much faster.

Ready To Update Your Commercial Flooring?

European Flooring offers our commercial clients a wide range of luxurious and sustainable engineered hardwood in Toronto. Our flooring experts can help you determine the right type of hardwood flooring that will best suit the needs of your business. We also offer a certified installation service to ensure your new floor is installed correctly and professionally. If you are ready to upgrade your floors this fall, contact us to request a design consultation. We’d love to help!