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Why Parquet Flooring Is The Right Choice For Your Home Or Business

While there are many types of flooring styles available, if you’re looking for a modern hardwood floor that will provide a sophisticated style to your interior design, then you should consider parquet flooring. Parquet flooring originated in Europe and refers to geometric patterns composed of hardwood flooring. The following are just a few benefits of installing parquet flooring in your home, office, or business:

  • Visual interest: Parquet flooring consists of pieces of wood that are arranged to create geometric patterns. One of the most common patterns used in parquet flooring is herringbone, however, there are many options to choose from. It’s unique patterns add interest to your home and can act as a beautiful design element to complement your space’s aesthetic.
  • Low maintenance: Although parquet flooring may appear sophisticated, it’s relatively easy to keep clean. Regular sweeping and mopping will help keep your floor in beautiful condition (when mopping, remember to use a damp, flat-hear mop to prevent the hardwood from becoming too saturated with water).
  • High-durability – Because parquet flooring is made from hardwood, it is an extremely durable flooring option. With proper care, your parquet flooring will last for decades and will withstand daily wear-and-tear from foot traffic, making it suitable for almost any area of your home, including the living room, hallway, and bedroom.
  • Easy to replace – If you have a parquet floor and it experiences damage of some kind, then replacing the damaged area is much easier than other flooring materials, such as carpet. This is because you can simply replace the affected piece without having to rip up the entire floor.
  • Allergen-free – Because of its smooth surface and how easy it is to keep clean, parquet flooring is an excellent fit for a household in which there are children or adults with allergies. Unlike carpet, dust and other contaminants are less likely to accumulate on hardwood when they are regularly cleaned.

European Flooring: Toronto’s Top Choice For High-Quality Engineered Hardwood

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