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Winter Care and Maintenance

Door mats

The winter season brings with it snow, slush, salt and other dirt, which are some of wood’s worst enemies. The trick is to keep the elements outdoors. Place door mats outside and rubber-backed rugs inside at every entrance of the house to prevent the accumulation of salt, sand or abrasive dust; ensure that the rugs are kept relatively dry and ready to absorb moisture.  Another suggestion is to have a visible designated place for wet shoes away from your hardwood floors; consider getting a boot tray to contain the mess. If you have pets, try to routinely deal with their wet paws before entering your home; train them to stop at the door and wait to be dried off. Another important item is to vacuum or sweep the floor a bit more frequently in the winter season, ideally with an antistatic mop or broom. Never use a wet mop on your hardwood floor, as it deteriorates the floors. Instead, get a floor care system specified for your floor and carefully follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. We recommend Parquet Cleaner by Floor Service for our floors, which is bio-degradable and non-toxic.